Advertise with us provides a complete Entertainment with information. We have a vast array of a multitude of photo gallery of Birgunj, events/happenings, models, community, eDirectory, forum, blogs, etc, and a host of other spicy features for almost all age groups. Hamrobirgunj Dot Com is a complete informative entertainment website and does not contain any nude pictures or pornography material.

The following is the brief statistic of Hamrobirgunj Dot Com for your reference if you are interested in advertise on

Note: Following Statistics are of 19th Oct 2015

Total Website Visitors:

Group Members: 31,000+
Page Fans: 4,340+
Friends: 5,000

More detailed statistics available upon request!

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Hamrobirgunj Dot Com only accepts cash as payment method. Please contact us if you want to Advertise with us or have any other question.


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