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Sex Market in Kathmandu

Even though there are side checks being conducted by police occasionally there seems no change in the current situation. And even if some are caught they are freed under the command of high posted person or are bribed.
Females are not the only ones getting involved in these kinds of activities. Both male, female and even the homo, transgenders are getting involved. This has made many parts of capital a dangerous place especially at night time. Guest houses, lodge are the main places for these kind of activities. This is a serious problem happening in our country and government is not taking any action against these things.

Prostitution in Nepal is neither legal nor illegal. Thousands of sex workers work in Kathmandu Nepal and urban areas within Pokhara and Terai. .There is no record of whether these workers voluntarily or involuntarily offer their services for money, but investigations have evidence of both within these areas.

S*x workers work from brothels to bars, in their homes, or on the streets. There are a number of massage parlour in Thamel, a tourist area of Kathmandu, where sex is also bought. Another form of Prostitution is in cabin restaurants and dance bars where clients go and drink with girls. Afterwards, clients pick out a girl to go home with and pay her to have se*ual encounters with them.

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