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How to Use Sex As A Power Play

As the most rewinded scene in the history of cinema can testify, sex can be used against you (it’s the main image of the article you dingbat). It resulted in Sampson losing his hair and crying uncontrollably because, and I quote “I can’t even…sniff, sniff”, John the Baptist getting his head served up like a $30 dollar porter-house steak on silver platter to the extraordinarily hot (for the biblical era) Queen Jezebel.

Oh…those stories were created to demonize the sexuality of women and women themselves? Um, you know what? I’ve already written myself into something bible thumpers are going to get their habits into a bunch about so let’s move on to a more contemporary time. Sex is often used as an action of dominance and we’ve seen a fair share of powerful tally-wacker waggers get done in by their over active libido. Berlusconi, Clinton and the Terminator turned Governator, Schwarzenegger, have all visited beds outside their martial one (and it wasn’t for diplomatic purposes if you get my drift) and been worse for wear because of it. Power is a turn-on, an aphrodisiac, a mental BOING! pill. The question is, can sex be used transversely, to gain power?

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